Ola-Dele KUKU


Ludwig Trossaert is proud to present the new solo show “The Saga Continues”

in GALERIE LUDWIG TROSSAERT, museumstraat 29, Antwerp

with recent work of Ola-Dele Kuku (Lagos – Los Angeles – Brussels).

We are pleased to invite you to the private view of this exhibition, which will be held in the gallery

on Friday October 4th at 7 pm.

The artist will be present and he will be introduced by


(Curator of 7th Triennial for Design in Flanders 2013)

This exhibition runs until October 26th from 2 pm till 6 pm (closed on public holidays).

We hope to have the pleasure of your company.


From the press :

In the series Aftermath you can feel the intensity of the mass. It shows a certain pressure, but the images remain consistent as a collection. It brings about associations of the roofs of a township or favella, but also the world view suggested in Freedom by Jonathan Franzen (2010) comes to mind: we all want (demand) our own space, preferably as spacious as possible, in which we are lord and master and do not need to consider our fellows. The many layers of the drawing show us the palimpsest of the landscape: when the original text has ceased to be of any value, a used parchment may serve a new handwriting over and over. As each layer leaves its track in the vellum, a landscape shows the tracks of its long-gone occupants. In his drawings or ‘built images’ Ola-Dele Kuku adds layer upon layer: sometimes the traces of the first layer remain visible through the next. In other instances the readability is reduced, the story is not to be deciphered. This interpretation of the works requires a bird’s eye view, the perspective of our imagination. But you could just as well read the works in a vertical direction, in the perspective of our sensory perception, as a structure or a city stuffed with skyscrapers. Then they evoke a much more familiar (to us) Western way of life. A way of life we accredit a positive value: urban, social, a network. It is a viable society, or the silence before the storm…

Sara Weyns – Curator Middelheim Museum Antwerpen



Museumstraat 29

2000 Antwerp

+32 475 955 339

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