Lise Coirier & Gian Giuseppe Simeone are very pleased to welcome you in their private home and share this unique event of the reopening of the AfricaMuseum in Tervuren coupled to TLmag Africa(s), 304 pages dedicated to this continent.

TLmag 29 SS issue on Afriques /Africas (FR/EN), 320 pages & drawing, 2018
On the cover: Aimé Mpane, Congo Nouveau Souffle, erected in the rotunda of the AfricaMuseum


View of the Africa Museum, Tervuren. Photos: Jo Van de Vijver © RMCA, Tervuren

Ola-Dele Kuku – Architecture as Critique

Nigerian born, Brussels based architect Ola-Dele Kuku has translated his architecture training into a conceptual art practice. His ongoing projects stem from deep philosophical inquiries into the current state of culture, identity, and geography. Click here to read the full interview by Adrian Madlener.


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TLmagazine: Ola-Dele Kuku – Architecture as Critique

A recent interview of Ola-Dele Kuku, “Architecture as Critique” was published in TLmagazine issue 29. You can read it on TLmagazine’s website by clicking on the image below.

TLmagazine29 ola-dele kuku itw

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Brussels Design September : Open Studio



O l a D e l e   K u k u

O p e n  S t u d i o

– exclusive exhibition of selected works by the architect / artist in his studio –

(Drawings, Paintings and Objects)

Inauguration: Thursday 13th September 2018

(16:00 hrs – 22:00 hrs)

Rittwegerstraat 21, rue Rittweger, 1180 Brussels

Open: Friday 14th – Sunday 16th September 2018

(14:00 hrs 22:00 hrs)

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Exhibition at KANAL – Centre Pompidou Brussels



A collective exhibition curated by Roel Rijssenbeek & Inge Vranken

© Open Studio © Ola dele Kuku © Christian Carez

© Open Studio © Ola dele Kuku © Christian Carez

This exhibition includes objects in a specific niche in a sector as wide as design, that of ‘collectible design’ or ‘design art’, situated in the grey zone between art and design. Limited series and unique pieces, mainly or exclusively hand-made, form the core of this exhibition, in which unconventional and often monumental form takes precedence over functionality.

This exhibition highlights the importance of the questions that Belgian designers have around the choice of form and function in designs. The tension between these two fundamental aspects of design was a key element in the selection of the items for the show. This tension also comes up in the research into and experiments in the techniques and materials used. The result is always a very personal design language that invite interaction. The objects may surprise, make us think about, move us, disturb or mislead, or even amuse.

Between Art & Design, The Belgian scene offers us an ensemble that reflects the wealth and particularly the diversity of contemporary Belgian design. In this selection, the most striking aspect is the great artistic diversity that is also a strong characteristic of the world of visual arts in Belgium. The designers are acting as very independent and individual and they have developed their own ideas about the day-to-day environment and the interiorobject.

Belgian designers remain, with a few exceptions, understated; their work is rarely obtrusive but truly characterised by a feeling for aesthetics, volume and proportion. And even that is their strength.


Curated by Roel Rijssenbeek & Inge Vranken
At the occasion of Brussels Design September 2018

The designers :
Alain Berteau, Anne Marie Laureys, Ben Storms, Bram Boo, Brut Collective, Casimir, Charles Kaisin, Damien Gernay, Danny Venlet, De Vylder Vinck & Taillieu, Erwin De Muer, Jean-François D’Or, Julien Carretero, Kaspar Hamacher, Laend, Lionel Jadot, Maarten De Ceulaer, Marie-José Van Hee, Muller Van Severen, Octave Vandeweghe, Ola-Dele Kuku, Pierric De Coster, Piet Stockmans, Raphael Charles, Sep Verboom, atelier lachaert dhanis, Studio Job, Sylvain Willenz, MdSt, Unfold, Vincent Van Duysen, Vladimir Slavov, Hans Weyers, Xavier Lust.

For more information, please visit :Fore more info, visit the Kanal website


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held on 08 JUNE ’17 — 18:00

This symposium, proposed by architect Ola-Dele Kuku, addresses African urban space as a place for progressive socio-cultural development, conflict prevention, and post-conflict rehabilitation. It is held under the patronage of the Embassy of Sierra Leone in Belgium and in the presence of H.E Mr Ibrahim Sorie (Ambassador) and the Minister Counselor Mrs Florence N. Bangalie .

The discussion will investigate modern alternatives in the integration of creative arts and culture as tools to formulate, regenerate and activate a synthesis for a progressive socio-cultural development amidst the destruction and devastation of the environment, which are the prominent aftermath in a conflict zones.

The case of Sierra Leone is addressed. Freetown, the capital city would require the establishment of major cultural events or the accommodation of expressive creativity in order to introduce a social consciousness of geography and place with reference to years of conflict. This will also assist in the creation of different ancillary industries, structures and several economic activities in response to the possibilities associated with the proposed events.

Guest participants:

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Interview: Ola-Dele Kuku with Alice Mestriner

Ola-Dele Kuku was interviewed by Alice Mestriner during the workshop “A Continuous State of Time” held at the National Nigerian Pavilion at the 15th International Architecture Exhibition – Venice 2016.

More about the workshop on the Nigerian Pavilion website.


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A Continuous State Of Time – Workshop

Visit the Nigerian Pavilion website for more information on the workshop.

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Nigerian Pavilion

Ola-Dele Kuku (architect – artist)Venice_Biennale_logo_transparent
15th International Architecture Exhibition
La Biennale di Venezia 2016

(photos: Filippo Peretti – Riccardo Tosetto – Augusto Maurandi)



Nigerian Pavilion – 15th International Architecture Exhibition La Biennale di Venezia 2016 – Ola-Dele Kuku (architect – artist) – photo Filippo Peretti

Nigerian Pavilion – 15th International Architecture Exhibition La Biennale di Venezia 2016 – Ola-Dele Kuku (architect – artist) – photo Filippo Peretti

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Ola-Dele Kuku at the 15th International Architecture Exhibition la Biennale di Venezia 2016


O l a – D e l e  K u k u

Diminished Capacity’

Nigerian Pavilion

15th International Architecture Exhibition la Biennale di Venezia

(26 May – 27 November 2016)

Venue: Spazio PUNCH – Giudecca

Commissioner: Nkanta George Ufot

(Director – International Cultural Relations, Ministry of Information and Culture)

Curator: Camilla Boemio (curator, writer, critic)

Associate Curator: Mr. Koku konu (architect – critic) Lagos, Nigeria.

Project Manager: Mr. Fabrizio Orsini (Co-founder – AAC Platform) Italy.

Exhibition Promotion and Communication: Mrs. Kavita Chellaram

(Director – Arthouse Contemporary Limited) Lagos, Nigeria

Collaborators – Sponsors:

Federal Ministry of Information and Culture, Abuja, Nigeria.

Embassy of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Rome, Italy.

Arthouse Contemporary Ltd, Lagos, Nigeria.

KU Leuven – St Lucas Architecture, (Int Masters Programme) Gent, Belgium.

LMS Gallery, Brussels, Belgium.

Philippe Laeremans Tribal Art Gallery Brussels, Belgium.



Ola-Dele Kuku, ‘Light source’ – Recognition (light box) © 2016 courtesy Ola-Dele Kuku Projects

Curator’s note:

Diminished Capacity intends to analyze a historical transaction moment with the ambition to rewrite history, starting from Nigeria to provide unpublished interpretations. In this condition, to rewrite history becomes a necessary evolution. The wrong reading of Africa transforms the continent itself into a country poised in perpetual opposition to restlessness; what is its identity in forms and structures? “Africa is not a country!” In that conflict, the first Nigerian Pavilion wants to prospect new methodologies.

Conflict is one of the recurrent themes in the work of Ola-Dele Kuku. The architect–artist sees that as one of the driving mechanisms in our world, and as a tool to set change in motion. “Conflict has played a crucial role since the dawn of creation, from the stories of the Big Bang to the paradise of Adam and Eve.”

Throughout his practice, Ola-Dele Kuku has consistently reshaped representation in a timely challenge. Working with drawing, installation, and objects, he has revisited the mainstays of architectural representational methods – plan, elevation, section – to inject unsettling slippages into their rigorous formalism. This new body of work fully embraces an analytical socio-philosophical slant that confronts complex issues such as resource depletion and their management, migration, micro and macro global changes, and the diminished capacity of countries amplified by multiple applications of manipulative strategies.

Camilla Boemio (curator, critic)

Ola-Dele Kuku, ‘Agenda Setting’ (neon series) Africa is not a country! © 2016 courtesy Ola-Dele Kuku Projects / LMS Gallery Brussels

The proposed project theme titled ‘Diminished capacity’, is a reflection of the contemporary global phenomenon of ‘Socio-Cultural Conflicts’, with specific focus on the role of ‘Information / Communication’ and the ‘Mass Media’. The exhibition will be presented as a reaction to the frictions of social communication and the mass media, vis-à-vis the notion of a unitary tendency of society and common values.

The contemporary sociology of mass media communication reveals a consistent presentation of agendas rather than reports which are illustrated by selected interest in particularities, focus and oversight’. Ola-Dele Kuku (architect – artist)

Ola-Dele Kuku, ‘Collective Representation’ – article 1 (light box) © 2016 courtesy Ola-Dele Kuku Projects / LMS Gallery Brussels
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A common reader : Teatro del’Archivio

Ola-Dele Kuku

29 May 2014 |  by Janantoon


Ola-Dele Kuku (photo: Jan Mariën)

When I first saw one of Ola-Dele Kuku’s furniture pieces, I was immediately captured. This piece was exhibited in the Design Museum Ghent.
Actually, ‘furniture’ is a misleading label. The objects he creates certainly present themselves as furniture, but they do not limit themselves to mere functionality. All his creations boast an unusual playfulness, as if they are made solely for the homo ludens.Last week Ola-Dele showed me his older work Teatro del’Archivio in the Brussels gallery of Philippe Laeremans.
This is a piece of furniture that has the presence of a sculpture, a monumental work, while at the same time it seems like a big toy. Like a little boy with shining eyes one wants to try everything: rotate the big cylinder, the inner cylinder, open every door, open every drawer and search for hidden places.

Read more on A Common Reader

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Agenda Setting III – The Running Mean (2013)

15.12.13 – 9.03.2014 – C-mine Genk

Conflict is one of the recurrent themes in the work of Ola-Dele Kuku. The architect-artist sees conflict as one of the driving mechanisms in our world, and as a tool to set change in motion. Conflict has played a crucial role since the dawn of creation, just think of the stories of the Big Bang and the paradise of Adam and Eve.

01c - copie

According to Ola-Dele Kuku our world has reached a turning point. The existing hierarchy is at its zenith and is therefore about to fall. We have lost our faith in God, we no longer fear him. Even morality, terms like good and bad and our complete image of society must be revised. Because morality changes depending on the side you are on. And although social media sometimes give the impression that our world is just a village, we are still increasingly concerned with what is happening outside our own front door.

How our world will evolve is still unclear, but there is no doubt that conflict stimulates change. It stands the existing order on its head and inspires innovation. Therefore, according to Kuku, we must learn to use conflict as a tool and learn how to manage it so that a new order can establish itself in nature and in politics.

With Agenda Setting III (the running mean) Kuku presents an installation that consists of open books in different languages. The words written in them refer to contradictions in our knowledge, methods of interpretation and belief, to causes of conflict. The words and texts form, as it were, a sort of pixels of the bigger picture. By not presenting any images Kuku wishes to allow the onlooker the freedom to connect his own visual connotations with the words and reverses the usual process of interpretation of an image. Agenda Setting III (the running mean) thus provides the onlooker with an alternative window on the world.

Elien Haentjens


Conflict & Design With the support of the City of Genk and the Flemish government.

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7de Triënnale voor Vormgeving in Vlaanderen


Conflict & Design – the 7th edition of the Design Triennial in Flanders – shows how designers approach conflict situations and the impact their designs can have within our society.
The exhibition provides food for thought about how, in the (near) future, we will be obliged to interact with each other and manage our natural resources in fundamentally different ways.

AGENDA SETTING III – the running mean

Ola-Dele Kuku’s work for this Triennial will be exhibited in the ‘Conflict&Conflict’ section.

Making of Agenda Setting III – The Running Mean (2013) – Ola-Dele Kuku from Ola-Dele Kuku Projects on Vimeo.

Conflict & Conflict gaat over design op het niveau van de ontwrichte samenleving, met andere woorden over conflicten met een grote C. Hoe ga je als designer aan de slag binnen contexten waar genormaliseerde maatschappelijke regels niet meer gelden, zoals in gevangenissen, of in gebieden zoals Palestina, of in de favelas van Brazilië?

Wat wordt er van een ontwerper verwacht wanneer hij of zij geconfronteerd wordt met oorlogssituaties of natuurrampen? Op welke manier kan design tegemoet komen aan specifieke noden en behoeftes? Hoe kan design worden ingezet als katalysator voor het creëren van orde en harmonie in onze samenleving?

Het laatste project dat we op deze Triënnale presenteren gaat over de dood, het ultieme conflict. Hier ligt de focus op de voortdurende strijd van de mens om de dood voor zich uit te schuiven.

15.12.13 – 9.03.2014

For more info : please visit
Adress: C-mine, C-mine 10, 3600 Genk (GPS-adress: Evence Coppéelaan 91, 3600 Genk)
Conflict & Design is een initiatief van Design Vlaanderen, C-mine en Innovatie en Design Euregio.


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Paris Art and Design Fair 2013

 For the 2013 Edition of PAD Paris Art + Design, Galerie Flak is pleased to present contemporary design furniture by Nigerian architect and artist Ola-Dele KUKU along with a selection of ancient fine art from Africa, Ocenia and North America.

opera-domestica-ii-similar-difference-1999-02Photo © Christian Carez


Designer – Architecte – Artiste : Ola-Dele Kuku
Bois d’aulne rouge (Alnus rubra)
Dimensions: 207 cm x 207 cm x 44 cm

presented by


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7th Design Triennial Flanders 2013 – Conflict and Design (workshop 3)

The 7th Triennial for Design in Flanders 2013 is an investigation into the social relevance of design and the role and responsibility of designers in our society.

This Triennial is a forum for designers who wish to contribute to this public debate. Their work can be considered as essential as we are forced to live and act differently and to change our attitudes towards our natural resources.
Conflict is a starting point for designers to think about our society, to create content and significance within a design process and to produce sustainable and economically viable products.

Design application

in post-conflict rehabilitation


WORKSHOP 3 : workshop team : Ola-Dele Kuku, Martine De Maeseneer, Gideon Boie.

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Ola-Dele Kuku at the Design Museum Gent

Exhibition - Design Museum Gent

“You cannot see, hear or feel ideas. Design and architecture are thus a way for ideas to materialize “

Until the end of August 2012

Similar differences

Until the end of August 2012, the furniture object “Similar differences“, designed by Ola-Dele Kuku, a designer / architect with Nigerian roots, presented in the Design museum Gent. The remarkable storage cabinet is part of a series. Ola Dele-Kuku drew this architectural object, the implementation was done by the VTI woodworking students from Roeselare. The collaboration illustrates the social conscience of the designer / architect, who may also be called philosopher, artist and researcher.
Jan Breydelstraat 5 BE-9000 GENT


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‘Speaking in Vernacular’ Ola-Dele Kuku (Monograph) 2012

‘S P E A K I N G   I N   V E R N A C U L A R’
Exposition – Présentation du livre
30 Mars – 22 Avril 2012


INAUGURATION : Jeudi 29 Mars 2012

(18.00 – 22.00)

Philippe Laeremans Gallery
27, Rue des Minimes
1000 Brussels

Pour Ola-Dele Kuku (architecte artiste) l’art traditionnel africain et l’art
moderne et contemporain sont absolument indissociables, compte tenu de
l’influence active et l’apport du premier sur le second. Philippe Laeremans
entame ici sa deuxième confrontation entre l’art traditionnel et l’oeuvre de
l‘artiste, composée de dessin, d’images, de peinture, de collage,
de physique et de chimie.
(Roger Ndéma Kingué)

Limited Edition
Monograph – 2012 – 178 pages
Texts by : Sara Weyns F. K ehinde Oluyadi Chika Unigwe Roger Ndéma Kingué
Layout : Wilfrieda Paessens
With the participation of : Philippe Laeremans Van Maradi Foundation
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RTBF Interview – ‘Passeurs de Monde’

Image 6

Ola-Dele Kuku RTBF interview – Passeurs de mondes – 2011

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Save Queen Elisabeth’s piano – (the mini project)

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Kwintessens Publication (Vlaams Tijdschrift voor Vormgeving en Mode) ‘Designing for Conflict and Chaos’ – interwiew by Kurt Vanbelleghem



in Kwintessens – Forms of design that go beyond the logic of demand and supply –

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